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Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS

by Richard Magnus


A Model LS sound system simply outperforms any other similar system on the market, providing a fully absorbing and surrounding listening experience for everything from action-packed film scenes to the most subtle and exquisite musical performances, all while maintaining immense headroom. All this power is packed into discreet, modular in-wall and commanding floor-standing speakers. You choose whether to keep the focus on the entertainment experience or to have a system where the speakers make a statement of their own.


The Model LS series features an innovative line source approach incorporating floor-to-ceiling stackable speakers and boundary woofers and is the number one choice for large, deep home theaters, or for rooms with many rows of elevated seats. This allows sound to propagate over long distances, thus ensuring tonal consistency by reducing echoes, especially in large rooms. Line source technology means that every seat in the listening space has the same volume level and offers the same sound experience, from the front to the rear of the room.


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  • Robb Report associate editor Bailey S. Barnard describes the Model LS Concert as a “sonic sensation,” delivering “vivid, natural sound that remains remarkably stable throughout any listening space.”

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  • When God and Mozart Hang Out, They Listen to These Speakers.

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  • “This is one system that every serious enthusiast needs to audition to experience what an optimum performance home theatre system can deliver! “

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    The in-room Model LS speakers blend the dipole technology from the flagship Model D with the innovative line source technology from the Model LS. At over 8 and 6.5 feet tall, these open baffle speakers are for very large rooms where a sound system must sound—and look—impressive. The series consists of two full range floor-standing dipole speakers, the Model LS Concert and Model LS Studio.

    The Steinway & Sons Model LS shines in a home theater designed with warm tones and leather accents.


    The Model LS Concert and Studio are available in the signature Steinway & Sons high-gloss black finish, as well as in a wide selection of high-gloss color lacquers. The series is accented with matte gold or black accents.


    Stackable in-room and in-wall Model LS boundary woofers provide powerful and accurate bass to create a fully encompassing experience—direct sound and reflections from the environment arrive at the listening point at exactly the same time. Stacking options are fully customisable; you can stick with one pair for a smaller room, or begin to stack woofers to achieve the same sound pressure in a larger room.

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