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Our innovative and proprietary screen fabrics (Neo S and W) are the finest available and feature the ultimate neutral projection surface. They are able to provide a perfect whiteness so colours won’t be distorted in any way. They are free from any moiré effect, whatever the type of projector, and they offer the very best resolution ever attained by an Acoustically Transparent screen.

Our Enlightor Neo screens have the exceptional acoustic transparency of less than 1 dB loss throughout the whole audio frequency range.

The Enlightor fabrics can accept video projection of ultra HD (4 x HD) resolution and beyond. The sound will also flow through the fabric with ease, meaning that the user will experience pure engaging cinema at home.

The Screen Excellence acoustically transparent projection surfaces are available in custom and standard sizes and offer many different features like, fixed frames, frameless screens, flat screens, curved screens, and retractable screens. We also provide of top/bottom and left/right masking for multiple aspect ratios.

Your customers want to install the best possible home cinema; Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screens are the only option. They are easy to install and guarantee the truest possible home cinema experience. Nothing else comes close.