Hitchin M&K Cinema room

The brief was simple, stunning picture and sound with the biggest screen possible in a room that would not distract from the movie.

The client had previously em=nlisted another home cinema company to design and install his dream home cinema but was left feeling dissapointed and unimpressed.

After talking with the client and gaining his trust, we selected an MK Sound 300 series loudspeaker system with dual X12 subwoofers, a 3.5m wide Screen Innovations Acoustically Transparent screen. An Anthem AVM60 processor and amplification supplied by a pair of Anthem MCA 525 power amplifiers.

A Starscape star ceiling was designed and installed, featuring nearly 2000 fibre optic stars.

Elite seating and a Sony 550 Native 4K projector were also specified.

The end result is a stunning audio and visual experience that the client is so pleased with that we were commissioned to install a second cinema room