Georgian Estate Steinway Cinema

This client wanted a dedicated cinema room to be installed in an old Georgian outbuilding without having its character destroyed.

The outbuilding had no Ethernet, appalling dimensions and also featured a mezzanine level that was to be used as a dedicated sports viewing area.

We specified a Steinway Lyngdorf Model S  7.4.2 cinema system as we knew that RoomPerfect room correction and the unusual shape and structure of the room that would normally give appalling acoustic response for most systems, wouldn’t be an issue with the Steinway System.  Music was also a top priority as the client is involved within the recording industry. Devastating bass was also a must, so 4 Steinway LRS 212  Boundary woofers were used.

We specified a 2:35:1 screen for the cinema room and an electric 16:9 drop down screen for the mezzanine sport viewing area. Audio in the bar and mezzanine area comprised of 6 M&K Sound IW950 in wall Loudspeakers with 3 M&K Sound V12 THX Subwoofers to provide the bass.

Qmotion automated black out blinds and a Control4 room control system were used throughout the project to seamlessly integrate the various rooms at a touch of a button.

The end result is a cinema room with sound that only a Steinway System can produce, no room treatment and music to die for.