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Home Cinema Choice – SeriouslyCinema featured dream theatre

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SeriouslyCinema are proud to have one of our latest installations featured in this month’s Home Cinema Choice magazine as part of their dream theatre series.

An excerpt form the article is shown below.

NOT ALL BESPOKE projects are largescale rooms, but nor do more compact media dens have to skimp on AV quality.

This installation from UK company SeriouslyCinema took an everyday lounge and added a high-performance movie and music system that’s nearly invisible.

Opting for a 5.2.4 configuration, M&K Sound in-wall and in-ceiling models where chosen to provide audio thrills.

‘The owner had spent a decade working in broadcast studios and already owned a high-end system from the early noughties, so had a critical ear and knew the sound they wanted to achieve,’ explains Richard Magnus, SeriouslyCinema’s MD. ‘Hearing the M&K Sound speakers at our demonstration facility proved them as a perfect match.’

Speakers chosen, various processors were auditioned, with demo units installed in the room before its makeover so the audiophile owner could evaluate in a known environment.

A Lyngdorf MP-50 was eventually selected to provide the system’s back-end brains, bringing Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D decoding, plus RoomPerfect room calibration.

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